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Asesoría y Gestión en Proceso de Pensión de Invalidez
Why to do it

The coverage of the affected people (who have a disabling disease) involves supporting our ussers through advice and representation in all procedures involving disability process, along with all associated costs such as hiring qualified professionals, transportation, lodging , notary signatures, etc.

We want an informed society, and for that we want to reach everyone, through different training lectures and informational events. To accomplish this, we need the resources to finance monitors and graphic materials and / or audio to deliver to the community.

To improve our work every day, in Fundación Valídame we are constantly learning, compiling all information necessary for a professional and efficient work. Along with this ,hours of research, data matching, statistical analysis, and digitization of data are required. These activities most to be done by qualified professionals, cost that have to be financed.

We envision a community with the tools to cultivate good health through diet and exercise tools. To achieve this, it is essential to develop a variety of sport activities, health food fairs, expos health, among others. which involves a series of

costs for their coordination.

How to do it

How to do it

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